Waed Athamneh is Associate Professor and Director of Arabic Studies at Connecticut College. She received a Ph.D in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from Indiana University.

    Waed Athamneh,Professor in class reading poetry at Connecticut College

    Athamneh with Stephen Little of University of Notre Dame Press and fellow authors: Muhsin al-Musawi, Jaroslav Stetkevych, and Samer Ali.

    Athamneh gives a talk at the Library of Congress about modern Arabic poetry.


    Waed Athamneh's Publications

    Waed Athamneh's book examines modern Arabic literature and poetry, published by Notre dame Press

    ​University of Notre Dame Press

    Athamneh's first book examines how radical political changes in the twentieth-century Arab world inspired major transitions and new directions in modern Arabic poetry.

    Waed Athamneh's research on Voices of Protest in Syria

    Refugee Voices: Women of al-Zaatari Camp

    University of Notre Dame Press, under review

    Athamneh's second book (with Muhammad Masud) is based on field work in al-Zaatari, Jordan’s largest Syrian refugee camp. Refugee Voices engages readers with the realities of refugee lives by offering a space for Syrian refugee women to tell their own stories.

    Waed Athamneh's research on Voices of Protest in Syria

    Radical Poetry: Verses of Militant Extremism

    In Progress

    Athamneh's third book expands the scholarship on religious extremism by identifying how militant groups exploit poetry’s place in the Muslim literary tradition to promote a doctrine that espouses an inevitable clash of religions.

    Waed Athamneh's article on SonAllah Ibrahim’s novel

    Women, Writing, and Politics in SonAllah Ibrahim’s That smell and Notes from Prison

    Middle Eastern Studies Journal

    This article explores issues of sexuality and the politics of writing in the modern Arab world.

    Waed Athamneh's article on Ahmad Abd al-Muti Hijazi poetry

    The Poetic Voices of Ahmad Abd al-Muti Hijazi 1950-2011

    Arab Studies Quarterly Journal

    This article examines the poetic voices of Egyptian poet Ahmad Hijazi in five representative poems written between 1950 and 2011.

    Waed Athamneh's research on Voices of Protest in Syria

    Engaging the Authoritarian State: Voices of Protest in Syria

    Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

    This article (with Caroleen Sayej) captures artistic expressions of resistance during the 2011 Syrian Uprising.


    Articles, Reports and Interviews with Waed Athamneh

    Library of Congress

    Watch Athamneh's invited talk on how Arab poets challenge the oppression of authoritarian regimes in the modern Arab world.

    Connecticut College

    Athamneh acquires dozens of Arabic language children’s books for the New London Public Library as she serves on the Committee on Refugee Relief and Education.

    The College Voice

    Athamneh teaches the works of Arab women writers. She explores a profound selection of literature by contemporary Arab women who wrote of feminism, gender, family and other topics neglected in western media.

    Waed Athamneh founds an Arabic Studies Summer Program

    Connecticut College

    Athamneh establishes a new global program that enables students to explore the Middle East through cultural immersion.

    Waed Athamneh organizes Speaker talk on Libya conflict

    Connecticut College

    Athamneh invites a scholar and an eyewitness on the Libyan uprising. Mr. Hasan describes his 23-hour journey fleeing through the Libyan desert with his wife as the battles escalated.

    Waed Athamneh and Students in Arabic Language Summer Program

    Her Campus

    Athamneh helps students navigate new global settings with a premier cultural immersion program.


    A Selection of Waed Athamneh's Courses

    Waed Athamneh's course Modern Arabic Poetry and Politics

    Modern Arabic Poetry

    Students critically examine the dialectical intersections of politics and poetry in the modern Arab world.

    Waed Athamneh's course Arab Women Writers

    Arab Women Writers

    Students develop a critical understanding of the social, political, gender, religious, and cultural issues raised by Arab women writers.

    Waed Athamneh's course Modern Arabic Literature

    The Arabic Novel

    Students examine Arab novels informed by political transformations, cultural ideologies, and modern literary movements.

    Waed Athamneh's course War and Exile in Arabic Literature

    War and Exile in Arabic Literature

    Themes of alienation, loss, intellectual and physical displacement in modern Arabic poetry and fiction.

    Waed Athamneh's course Arabic Media

    Refugee Narratives


    A critical examination of books by and about refugees, as well as authentic narratives that engage the global crisis.


    Photos of Waed Athamneh's Classes

    Students in Waed Athamneh's class chat with Lebanese novelist Hanan al-Shaykh

    War: A Woman's Perspective

    Athamneh's students converse with Lebanese novelist Hanan al-Shaykh, author of The Story of Zahra.

    Students in Waed Athamneh's class discuss in Arabic LGBTQ equal rights in the Arab world

    Aesthetics of Resistance

    An outside discussion in Arabic on social movements in the Arab world and aesthetic representations of resistance.

    Waed Athamneh's students chat with Rula Quawas from Jordan, a feminist activist, writer, and critic

    A Female. An Academic.

    Athamneh's Students during a video conference with Rula Quawas from Jordan, a feminist writer, professor and critic.

    Students in Waed Athamneh's class discuss women's rights in the Arab world, discrimination of Arab women

    Migration and Diaspora

    Students in Athamneh's class discuss nostalgia and memory in Arab women's writings in diaspora.


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